Pump Problems Don’t Sit Well With Us

Pump Problems Don’t Sit Well With Us

Keep your well pump operating correctly in Asheboro, NC and surrounding areas including High Point, NC

Experiencing water trouble? Don’t worry, your well probably isn’t running dry. You might just be having an issue with your well pump. If you rely on a well for your running water, you can count on Saunders Plumbing, Inc. in Asheboro, NC to repair and maintain your system as well as make brand new well pump installations. We have the services you need to keep it functioning properly, and even replace your pump if the need arises.

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3 signs you may have a problem with your well pump

If you’ve never experienced well trouble, it may be hard to tell when your pump needs service. Here are a few red flags to look out for:

  1. You’re getting dirty water from your faucets
  2. Your electric bills are unusually high
  3. You’re experiencing a decrease in water pressure

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